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Connect a wallet

This section assumes you have already deployed the relevant smart contracts to the blockchain and have smart contract addresses and ABI at your disposal.

Guided tutorial


deviceId — the parameter that is generated upon initialization and saved for the further usage. It will be automatically populated upon sending any requests from that particular device. This parameter serves as a kind of validator. For example, it might prevent confirming a ticket from any other device except for the one associated with the deviceId generated upon initialization.

deviceId = load->UniqueId;


ConnectWallet — connects to the wallet app on your mobile device. On a desktop, a QR-code is to be generated upon logging in. The session is saved to a variable for the further usage.

To connect a wallet, use the following C++ code:

void UAnkrClient::ConnectWallet(const FAnkrCallCompleteDynamicDelegate& Result);
Connect a wallet


If you haven't logged in to your wallet yet, then the app on your mobile device will automatically prompt you to log in.

If you're logged in, then GetWalletInfo retrieves your wallet information:

void UAnkrClient::GetWalletInfo(const FAnkrCallCompleteDynamicDelegate& Result);
'Get wallet info'