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Read NFT data

In this step, we want to check if the player owns any existing NFT characters. If they do, they can use them in the game.

Example: read a game character's NFT data

  1. To start, first initialize the SDKWrapper to store contracts for use here inside some private variables. For this example, we are using the GameCharacterContract used in the WearableNFTExample Use Case.

        var mirageSDKWrapper = MirageSDKWrapper.GetInitializedInstance(WearableNFTContractInformation.ProviderURL);
        _gameCharacterContract = mirageSDKWrapper.GetContract(WearableNFTContractInformation.GameCharacterContractAddress, WearableNFTContractInformation.GameCharacterABI);
  2. To query if the player holds any NFTs, call the balanceOf function. This returns the number of these Tokens in the address.

         * @dev Returns the number of tokens in ``owner``'s account.
        function balanceOf(address owner) external view returns (uint256 balance);
  3. If you need to get the ID of a specific NFT, you can use the tokenOfOwnerByIndex

    * @dev Returns a token ID owned by `owner` at a given `index` of its token list.
    * Use along with {balanceOf} to enumerate all of ``owner``'s tokens.
    function tokenOfOwnerByIndex(address owner, uint256 index) external view returns (uint256 tokenId);

Once you have checked that the authenticated wallet has an NFT, you can then grant access to it for the player. For example, let them use Hero X if they own the Hero X NFT.