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Switch to the WebGL platform

To build a WebGL project you need to switch platforms:

  1. Open File > Build Settings…
  2. Select WebGL and click Switch Platform. Protocol landing
  3. Click Player Settings…
  4. Go to Player > WebGL tab > Resolution and Presentation. Protocol landing
  5. Choose a template, based on your Unity version.

Add SDK support to custom template

If you want to build your WebGL project using a custom template to be compatible with the SDK features, you need to add the mirage-web3.js JavaScript library to it:

  1. Load latest release of our WebGL library (lib.zip).
  2. Unpack it.
  3. Copy mirage-web3.js to directory with JavaScript sources.
  4. Import the script to your template page somewhere before the closing body tag:
    <script src="your-js-dir/mirage-web3.js"></script>
</ body>