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Mirage Gaming

Mirage platform is an access point to a complete set of battle-tested solutions to build, power up, scale, support, and publish your Web3 games. First things first, we have SDKs to integrate with the platform and enable your game with the Web3 capabilities.


Currently, we provide Web3 SDKs for two well-known gaming engines — Unity and Unreal Engine.

SDKs Feature Set

Gaming SDKs provide the following functionality:

  • Interaction with Web3 wallets (either WalletConnect or MetaMask) for all supported platforms
  • Interaction with EVM-compatible blockchains
  • Interaction with smart contracts

Blockchains Supported

Gaming SDKs support interaction with all the EVM-compatible blockchains.

Platforms and Wallets Supported

Gaming SDKs support the following platforms and have the corresponding Web3 wallet solution for them:

  • Android/iOS — WalletConnect via deep link.
  • WebGL — MetaMask or any wallet that supports WalletConnect.
  • Standalone — MetaMask or any wallet that supports WalletConnect.