• Unity SDK
  • Set Up

Setting up


Install via package

  1. Download MirageSDKImporter.unitypackage from the latest release.
  2. Move the downloaded MirageSDKImporter.unitypackage package into your project's Assets folder.
  3. Select Import all to enable using the full scope of SDK capabilities.
Install SDK

Install via GitHub URL


  • A Unity version that supports the path query parameter for git packages (Unity version >= 2019.3.4f1; Unity version >= 2020.1a21).

Installation flow:

  • Add the following URL to Package Manager:

    Package Manager


  • Add the following key-value pair to Packages/manifest.json:
    "com.mirage.miragesdk": "https://github.com/Ankr-network/game-unity-sdk.git?path=Assets/MirageSDK"

Install via OpenUPM

Install the package using openupm-cli from OpenUPM registry:

openupm add com.mirage.miragesdk

What's inside

The SDK is designed to make it super easy to get started with game development by enabling connection and interaction across different blockchains.

  • Contains a huge range of examples, scripts and plugins for a variety of use cases.

  • Nethereum libraries provide support for web requests using RPC over HTTP.

  • Mirage RPC network infrastructure enables fast and easy connection to multiple chains.