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Deploy smart contracts inside your game
Integrate Web3 wallets easily
Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine
Effortlessly integrate & manage Web3 services in your game with Plazaworks' no-code solution.
Player EngagementConnect with your players and grow your game's community using Mosaic’s simple dashboard
Analyze performanceUncover hidden opportunities to enhance your game with Mosaic’s analytics
NFT ManagerCreate, distribute & manage ERC721 & 1155 tokens in an easy way
Contract ManagerEasily Publish, edit & manage smart contracts inside your game

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0% transaction fees.Say goodbye to transaction fees. Keep what's rightfully yours.

Show more on your NFT.Showcase NFT gameplay value with Game Performance. E.g. legendary weapon with 87 attack power.

Aggregated listings.Mint once, list everywhere. Make your NFTs available across multiple marketplaces by listing on Plaza.

Fast-track user acquisition.Plaza ensures that your game is promoted to the right audience of Web3 players

Promote your game and unlock new revenue streams.

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